Childcare in Jacksonville

There are so many options out there, website services, daycare, the neighborhood sitter, nanny agencies, etc. The type of child care you choose would, of course, depend on your family’s needs. However, if we look a little closer you can see that there really is only one good, reliable and safe option for your children, the nanny agency.

Nanny agencies provide an array of childcare options. If you need a babysitter, live-in nanny, baby nanny, overnight care, full time family nanny, granny nanny, mommy’s helper, postpartum care, etc. a nanny agency has the resources to connect you with high-quality childcare professionals. Agencies only hire nannies that are qualified and hold to the agency’s standards. Only thing is, how do you know if the agency you’re thinking of going with is really that great at all? Agencies love to talk about how they are the best in the area, but what exactly are they doing that sets them apart? The best way to find out is to go straight to their services page. Most of the time, you will find that they look strikingly similar to their competitors offering the usual: babysitting, nanny placement services, group care, etc. But sometimes you’ll come across a nanny agency that’s doing it a little differently.

In Jacksonville, there are only a few local nanny agencies. I did some research into each of them, what services they offer and how they conduct their business. Most of the local agencies either have limited services or aren’t of the best quality. But don’t get down just yet, because there’s one agency in Jacksonville that stands out above the rest. My Kensington Nanny Agency is bringing a fresh new perspective to the Jacksonville market. Kensington Nanny has just recently expanded their services to North Florida, primarily servicing Duval and St. Johns counties. They offer unique services designed specifically to fit your family’s needs and use industry leading screening procedures. Their Nanny Care Plan, for example, is their permanent placement nanny service that offers Lifetime Replacement! I have never before heard of a nanny agency including unlimited, complimentary replacement services for their permanent placement option. They are definitely next level, and I am so excited they’re here now in Jacksonville. This is the Link to their services page on their website, where you can read more about what they offer. Seriously, check them out because you can’t find an agency like that anywhere else.


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